Which is the first reservoir in Singapore?

MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore. Completed in 1867, it was the first impounding reservoir in Singapore, made possible through a donation of S$13,000 by philanthropist Tan Kim Seng. In 1907, it was enlarged and named Thomson Road Reservoir.

Where is Singapore oldest reservoir?

MacRitchie Reservoir is Singapore’s oldest reservoir. The reservoir was completed in 1868 by impounding water from an earth embankment, and was then known as the Impounding Reservoir or Thomson Reservoir.

MacRitchie Reservoir
Coordinates 1°20′37″N 103°49′52″ECoordinates: 1°20′37″N 103°49′52″E
Lake type Reservoir

What is the largest reservoir in Singapore?

Marina Reservoir

Marina Reservoir is the only reservoir located in the centre of the city. It is also the largest reservoir, with a catchment area of 10,000ha, or one-sixth the size of Singapore.

Which are the 3 oldest reservoirs in Singapore?

Escape to the Reservoirs!

  • #1 MacRitchie Reservoir. This beauty is the oldest and biggest reservoir in Singapore (completed in 1868), sitting smack dab in the middle of the country. …
  • #2 Bedok Reservoir. …
  • #3 Lower Peirce Reservoir. …
  • #4 Lower Seletar Reservoir. …
  • #5 The Marina Barrage.
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How many reservoirs does Singapore have?

Through a network of rivers, canals and drains, rain that falls on two-thirds of Singapore’s land area is channelled to our 17 reservoirs.

What is the smallest reservoir in Singapore?


Name Surface area (Total) Storage capacity (m3)
Bedok Reservoir 88 ha 12,800,000
Jurong Lake 70 ha
Kranji Reservoir 450 ha 15,850,000
Lower Peirce Reservoir (formerly called “Kallang River Reservoir” and “Peirce Reservoir”) 6 ha 2,800,000

What was the first satellite town when was it built?

Developed by the Singapore Improvement Trust in the 1950s and subsequently by the Housing and Development Board in the 1960s, Queenstown was the first satellite town to be built in the country.

Queenstown, Singapore.

Dwelling units 30,546
Projected ultimate 60,000

How many reservoirs did Singapore have in the 1960s?

In 2008, the Marina Barrage was built to create the Marina Reservoir – our 15th reservoir. reservoirs – up from three in the 1960s.

How many dams are in Singapore?

There are 17 reservoirs in Singapore.

When was Serangoon reservoir built?

The Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir Scheme was started in 2006. Damming of the reservoir was completed in 2009. The water was slowly transformed from brackish water to freshwater.

Can you swim in Upper Peirce reservoir?

The nature reserve surrounding the reservoirs has been recommended for bird watching and nature strolls. Fishing, swimming and poaching at the reservoirs are, however, prohibited due to their protected status.

Why is MacRitchie Reservoir important Singapore?

MacRitchie (and also other reservoirs in Singapore) is important when it comes to Singapore’s sovereignty in terms of freshwater needs. … Deforestation activities around the area were halted as the forest surrounding MacRitchie reservoir has been protected as a water catchment reserve and a nature reserve.

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How many islands does Singapore have?

1. It’s a city of not just one island, but 64. You might not know it but Singapore’s land area includes as many as 64 offshore islands that surround the main island. These include Sentosa (the largest of the offshore islands), Pulau Ubin, St John’s Island and Sisters’ Islands.

How many canals are there in Singapore?

There are currently 27 Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) projects all over the island.

Where does rainwater go Singapore?

Singapore uses two separate systems to collect rainwater and used water. With two-thirds of Singapore as water catchment, rainwater that falls in these areas is collected through an extensive network of drains, canals, rivers, stormwater collection ponds and reservoirs before it is treated for drinking water supply.