When did Zika virus start in the Philippines?

Zika virus infections were reported in the Philippines in 1953, 2012, and 2016 (3). Although frequent travel exchange between Yap and the Philippines could be a possible transmission route, no data on Zika virus infection were recorded in the Philippines between 1953 and 2012.

Is there Zika virus in Philippines?

The Philippines has a history of previous Zika Virus transmission. There is currently no evidence of an ongoing Zika Virus outbreak. However, there is limited information available and there may be delays in detecting and reporting new cases.

What month did the Zika virus start?

– 29 July 2016: Authorities from the United States of America confirmed four cases of locally transmitted vector-borne Zika virus disease in Florida. – 25 July 2016: Authorities from Antigua and Barbuda reported the first confirmed case of local transmission of Zika virus.

When did Zika become an epidemic?

An epidemic of Zika fever, caused by Zika virus, began in Brazil and affected other countries in the Americas from April 2015 to November 2016.

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Who was the first person to get Zika virus?

The first true case of human infection was identified by Simpson in 1964, who was himself infected while isolating the virus from mosquitoes. From then until 2007, there were only 13 further confirmed human cases of Zika infection from Africa and Southeast Asia.

What are the top 10 diseases in the Philippines?


  • Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection and Pneumonia** 709,265. 879.10. 605,471. …
  • Acute watery diarrhea. 618,933. 767.40. 539,701. …
  • Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis. 621,818. 775.40. 487,302. …
  • Hypertension. 352,697. 439.70. …
  • Influenza. 408,326. 509.30. …
  • TB Respiratory. 111,320. 138.90. …
  • Diseases of the Heart. 40,421. 50.30. …
  • Dengue Fever. 16,490. 20.50.

What was Zika virus named after?

Zika virus was first discovered in 1947 and is named after the Zika Forest in Uganda. In 1952, the first human cases of Zika were detected and since then, outbreaks of Zika have been reported in tropical Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

How did Zika start?

In 1947, researchers isolated a new virus from a rhesus monkey in a tropical forest near Entebbe, Uganda. The virus, of the Flavivirus genus, was named Zika after the forest in which it was discovered.

When did Zika virus end?

The outbreak abated in October 2014, with 8,723 suspected cases of Zika reported. The true number of Zika cases was estimated at more than 30,000. An unusual rise in neurological syndromes is reported, including 42 cases of Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS); typically five cases are reported in a three-month timeframe.

When was the last Zika case?

The last cases of local Zika transmission by mosquitoes in the continental United States were in Florida and Texas in 2016-17.

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WHO declared Zika a pandemic?

In Feb. 2016, when the infection moved rapidly through regions occupied by Aedes mosquitos in the Americas, WHO declared that Zika virus infection constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

How did Zika go away?

Human action didn’t end the epidemic. The public health community worked to contain it, through diagnostics, education and travel advisories. But ultimately, the virus ran its course, infected a large portion of the population, and herd immunity developed, thus halting the spread.

How did Zika spread?

Through mosquito bites

Zika virus is transmitted to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito (Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus). These are the same mosquitoes that spread dengue and chikungunya viruses.

Which countries have Zika virus?

Several countries in Africa and Asia reported cases of Zika. In Asia, those countries were India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, and Fiji.

Is there a vaccine for Zika?

Many people infected with Zika virus do not get sick or only have mild symptoms. However, infection during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects. Zika is still a problem in many parts of the world. Because there is no vaccine or medicine for Zika, travelers should take steps to prevent getting Zika during travel.

Where did the Zika virus go?

Nor are other factors such as climate change at work, experts say. Instead, Zika cases have plummeted in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the virus raged over the past 2 years, and much of the population is now immune to it.

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