What can you use instead of Vietnamese mint?

I have a soup recipe that calls for Vietnamese mint and I cannot get it anywhere. I have used tarragon as a substitute, but would really like to have the correct ingredients. You can get Vietnamese mint – Persicaria odorata, aka Vietnamese coriander – in Asian supermarkets, should you have one to hand.

Is Vietnamese mint the same as normal mint?

Vietnamese Mint is also known as Vietnamese Coriander or Hot Mint but is actually not related to the Mint family at all! Its name is due to its general appearance and fragrance, which are reminiscent of mint. In Southeast Asian cooking, Vietnamese mint is often used interchangeably with mint and coriander.

What kind of mint is used in Vietnamese cooking?

As previously mentioned, both peppermint and spearmint are utilized in all types of Vietnamese cuisine including fresh rolls (gỏi cuốn) and salads. And you’ll see them in your herb basket almost every time you dine in Vietnam.

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Is Vietnamese mint the same as Thai basil?

Vietnamese mint smells similar to Thai basil but it is far more pungent with a hot bite and slight numbing character and a strong alkalinity. Also known as hot mint, it is the leaf to use in Malaysian laksa soups, and is often simply known as laksa leaf. … Start it off as described above in Thai Basil.

What does Vietnamese mint taste like?

Vietnamese mint looks great in the garden and tastes like a sly blend of fresh coriander, lime-leaf and green chilli. After fresh basil, Vietnamese mint (Persicaria odorata) is my favourite culinary herb.

Can you use spearmint for mojitos?

Mojito Mint has a much milder flavor with hints of citrus whereas spearmint is much stronger (think breath mints or chewing gum). Mojito Mint has large leaves which make it great for muddling. … Mint in general has a strong & vigorous root system so you want to give it plenty of room.

Can you use peppermint for mojitos?

Like this Homemade Classic Mojito with peppermint, lime, white rum, just a bit of sugar and soda water. Simple, quick and classic. … This Homemade Classic Mojito is for all of us out there that have no clue how a fancy cocktail is made, have no special cocktail equipment and really want a decent drink.

What is mint called in Vietnamese?

Vietnamese Herb Primer

Kinh Gioi ~ “Kin Zoy”
Common names Vietnamese Balm, Vietnamese mint
Botanical name Elsholtzia ciliata
A lemony herb that’s unparalleled in flavor. The delicate saw-edged leaves are terrific raw and typically accompany cooked foods such as grilled meats.
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What is the herb in pho?

But the most classic garnish for pho is usually just Thai basil and green onions, which provide the perfect fresh, sweet taste to counterbalance the rich, fatty, and savory broth and saucy meat.

Is mint in pho?

A fresh plate of herbs comes with many Vietnamese main dishes, including pho, the national soup of Vietnam. … You can go super-simple and stick to just mint and slices of chile, or add more herbs if you like.

Can you use regular basil instead of Thai basil?

Regular or sweet basil can be an excellent substitute for Thai basil. Flavor – Sweet basil has a distinctive taste. The taste is a mixture of peppery, anise, and sweetness. On the other hand, Thai basil has a licorice like aroma, and is a bit spicy.

What is Vietnamese mint used for?

An edible herb commonly used fresh in rice paper rolls and salads, or served alongside spring rolls together with lettuce and dipping sauce, Vietnamese mint has an unusual flavour that adds pizzazz to any meal. It is an acquired taste for some, bringing depth and flavour to Asian-inspired cuisine.

What is Vietnamese basil?

Thai basil, or horapha (Thai: โหระพา), is widely used throughout Southeast Asia and plays a prominent role in Vietnamese cuisine. It is the cultivar most often used for Asian cooking in Western kitchens. … Lemon basil is the least commonly used type of basil in Thailand.

Is tarragon used in Vietnamese cooking?

At this time of year, like many cooks, I’m obsessed with fresh herbs. But you can keep your Genovese basil, French tarragon and Italian parsley; for me the magic is in the leafy aromatics of the Vietnamese table — red perilla, garlic chives and rice paddy herb, to name just a few.

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What herbs are used in Vietnamese cooking?

A Quick Guide to Vietnamese Herbs

  • Cilantro/Coriander (Ngò, Ngò Rí, Rau Mùi) Appearance: delicate, lacy leaves, clustered in three’s. …
  • Thái Basil (Húng Quế) …
  • Vietnamese Coriander (Rau Răm) …
  • Perilla (Tía Tô) …
  • Garlic Chives (Hẹ) …
  • Lemongrass (Xả) …
  • Rice Paddy (Ngổ Ôm) …
  • Sawtooth (Ngò Gai)

What is lemon balm Vietnamese?

Sideritis ciliata, Thunb. Elsholtzia ciliata, commonly known as Vietnamese balm, xiang ru (香薷) or kinh giới in Vietnamese, is a plant native to Asia. … In US Vietnamese grocery stores, it is called Kinh Gioi, Vietnamese Lemon Balm, or Vietnamese Lemon Mint.