Quick Answer: What is Dama game in Philippines?

Dama is a game with leaping captures played in the Philippines. In it, a kinged piece may capture by the flying leap in one direction. 5×5 grid of points, four point in each row, each alternating position with an end point on the left or right edge. Points are connecting with diagonal lines.

How do you play game DAMA?

Players start with 16 men that are lined up on each side, in two rows, skipping the furthest back. Men can move forward or sideways one square, capturing by means of a jump. When a man reaches the back row, he is promoted to a dama (“Lady”) at the end of the move.

Who invented DAMA in the Philippines?

History. Damath was invented by Jesus Huenda, a teacher in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines, who had encountered problems in teaching math using traditional teaching methods.

Can u move backwards in DAMA?

DAMA (king) has multiple squares movement, left, right, forward, backward movement and multiple jumping abilities. … If the DAMA jumped through the forward direction, next jumping can not be a backward direction.

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Which color goes first in DAMA?

Rules of Dama

The light color (White) moves first, and players alternate turns. The winner is the last player to complete a legal move. Normally a player loses when all of his pieces are captured, thus leaving him with no legal moves. But a player also loses if his remaining pieces have no legal moves.

What is DAMA game in English?

In most non-English languages (except those that acquired the game from English speakers), checkers is called dame, dames, damas, or a similar term that refers to ladies. The pieces are usually called men, stones, “peón” (pawn) or a similar term; men promoted to kings are called dames or ladies.

Is DAMA a traditional Filipino game?

Dama (checkers) – This is another familiar game and familiar pastime. that uses skill, usually played by males 10 years old and above, and played either indoors or outdoors. The game is played on a small wooden board with 10 squares and 14 end points.

How many chips are in Dama?

It is a two-player board game whereby every piece or chip has a corresponding number with arithmetic symbols on the board. Each player has 12 pieces numbered between 0-11.

What is the goal of DAMA board game?

The goal of Dama is to capture all opponent’s checkers or to block them leaving the opponent without any legal moves. Players move alternately, starting with the player with the light checkers. Ordinary checkers can move one square forward or sideways.

Who is the Dama?

The Data Management Association (DAMA) is a non-profit and vendor-independent association of business and technical professionals that is dedicated to the advancement of data resource management (DRM) and information resource management (IRM).

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How do you win Turkey DAMA?

There is no distinction between king and man during captures; each counts as a piece. A player wins if the opponent has no legal move, either because all his pieces are captured or he is completely blocked. A king versus single man also wins the game.

How many squares are in DAMA?

The game of Draughts is played on a standard Chess board 64 black and white chequered squares. Each player has 12 pieces normally in the form of fat round counters.

What is Sungka game?

Sungka is one of the most popular Filipino games. … Sungka is a game of skill in calculation played commonly by women and children. It is played on a block of wood or game-board called sungkahan. The game-board is shaped like a boat with the surface artfully rounded or slightly pointed at the ends.

Can you jump yourself in checkers?

In international checkers, you can never jump over your own pieces. … A checker can jump on a forward or backward diagonal. The opponent’s piece must be on an adjacent diagonal square, and your checker must land in the empty square just beyond the opponent’s piece.

Can you jump in checkers?

As in regular checkers, jumps are mandatory (choose which jump to make if you have multiple possibilities). When a piece (or a stack topped by a piece) makes a jump, it is promoted to a King after the jump.