Quick Answer: How can I lose my Malaysian citizenship?

How do you lose Malaysian citizenship?

There is no such thing as automatic loss of Malaysian citizenship on the happening of a certain event, for example, a Malaysian citizen becoming a citizen of another country. The Constitution contains elaborate provisions regarding citizenship, including regarding loss of citizenship.

Can Malaysians hold dual citizenship?

Gaining citizenship

A person can become a citizen of Malaysia either by registration or naturalisation. … Any person holding Malaysian citizenship is also disallowed to hold any other country’s citizenship. Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship.

Do I have to renounce Malaysian citizenship?

Any citizen aged twenty-one years and above and of sound mind and who already is, or is about to become a citizen of another country may renounce his/her Malaysian citizenship. Age will not be taken into account if the woman is married.

Why Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship?

As you have rightly put it, Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship. Under Article 24 of the Federal Constitution, the Federal Government may by order deprive you of your Malaysian citizenship if it finds out you have acquired citizenship of another country outside the Federation.

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Can citizenship be terminated?

The Government of India may terminate the citizenship of an Indian citizen if; The citizen has disrespected the Constitution. … Within 5 years of registration or naturalisation, a citizen has been sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in any country.

What happens if u lose your citizenship?

Renouncing your U.S. citizenship means that you: Give up your rights and responsibilities as a U.S. citizen. Must become a citizen of another nation, or risk becoming “stateless.” May need a visa to visit the United States.

Is Malaysian passport powerful?

As of 13 April 2021, Malaysian citizens had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 179 countries and territories, ranking the Malaysian passport the 12th most powerful in the world (tied with Liechtenstein passport), the 2nd highest-ranked passport in Southeast Asia after the Republic of Singapore, and the 4th highest- …

What happens if I give up my Malaysian citizenship?

In the event a person who has renounced their Malaysian citizenship decides to change his or her mind, the National Registration Department website states that he or she will have to apply to the Federal Government under Article 18(2) of the Constitution before he can be reinstated as Malaysian citizen.

Does Malaysia give permanent residency?

By definition, a permanent resident is someone who has been granted the right to live in Malaysia indefinitely. The individual is a citizen of another country, but is given the status of permanent resident here in Malaysia. This means no more visa renewals, and less boundaries that restrict you as a temporary resident.

How do I make an appointment to renounce my Malaysian citizenship?

You can make your appointment via email to the consular section at consular@mhc.org.sg .

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Can we have 2 citizenship?

Can Indians get dual citizenship? No. The Indian constitution does not have a provision of dual or multiple citizenship. If an Indian acquires a second passport, they automatically lose their Indian citizenship.

Can I give up my nationality?

Although many countries require citizenship of another nation before allowing renunciation, the United States does not, and an individual may legally renounce US citizenship and become stateless.