Question: What are some ways India influenced the countries of Southeast Asia?

Southern Indian traders, adventurers, teachers and priests continued to be the dominating influences in Southeast Asia until about 1500 CE. Hinduism and Buddhism both spread to these states from India and for many centuries, they existed there with mutual toleration.

How did India influence Southeast Asia quizlet?

Indian influence spread through trade and missionaries. Indian missionaries introduced Hinduism and and Buddhism to Southeast Asia, and many kingdoms adopted the religions. … Built under the Khmer, the temple complex Angkor Wat symbolized the shape of the Hindu universe.

What was the impact of India on Southeast Asia?

Printed and woven textiles were eagerly sought after by the common people. Indian religion, political thought, literature, mythology, artistic motifs and style, were absorbed deeply into local culture as greater interaction with Indians who settled in the courts of South East Asia took place.

What country influenced Southeast Asia?

China and India influenced ancient Southeast Asia. China ruled northern Vietnam from 111 B.C. to A.D. 939. Chinese art, technology, political ideas, and ethical beliefs shaped Vietnam’s culture. Hinduism and Buddhism spread from India and influenced religion and art in much of Southeast Asia.

How does India influence the world?

Up to the 17th century, the wealth in India was more than twice that of the rest of the world combined. So many of the foundations of modern society — science, medicine, mathematics, metaphysics, religion and astronomy — originated in India.

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What are 2 ways that India and China influenced ancient Southeast Asia?

Buddhist monks from India and China also brought with the knowledge of medicine and science from those cultures. Mahayana Buddhism is believed to have arrived in southern Southeast Asia via the Kingdom of Srivjaya in Indonesia or Funan, where it was practiced in the A.D. fifth century.

What changes occurred as India increased contact with Southeast Asia?

What changes occurred as India increased contact with Southeast Asia? When India increased contact with Southeast Asia, trade, religion, writing, law, government, art, architecture, and farming thrived. Wealth and individual prosperity increased through contact.