How much does it cost to rent a bike in Thailand?

Rental prices for motorbikes are pretty cheap all over Thailand. From 150 baht to 300 baht per day, or US$5 to $10 a day, is an average price to pay. The type of bike will also drive the prices up or down.

Can I rent a bike in Thailand?

Thailand has some of the worst rates in the world for road fatalities per capita. … Thousands of visitors each year rent a motorbike and ride around Thailand totally unlicensed. It’s illegal. But, if you do not have an international license or a Thai license, you will be driving illegally.

How much does it cost to rent a motorbike in Bangkok?

How much does it cost. Prices for renting a motorbike in Thailand may vary but in general expect to pay between 150 – 300 THB per day, that is $5 to $10 depending of course how heavy the bike is. The more reliable the shop the more you will pay as well.

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Can you rent a motorcycle in Thailand?

Renting a motorcycle in Thailand is very easy, and a great way to see the country. Prices can vary from region to region, but is usually not much more than $10 a day, and can be as little as $3 a day.

How much is a bike in Thailand?

Brand new bikes are from around 40,000 baht upwards. But you can pick up a second hand scooter in good condition for 15 – 20,000 Baht easily.

How do I get a bike Licence in Thailand?


  4. PAY THE FEE / TAKE A PHOTO AND PRINT DRIVING LICENCE (Fee 205 baht for car, Fee 105 baht for motorcycle)

Do you need a Licence to ride a scooter in Thailand?

Yes, you need an International Driver’s license and your country-issued license to drive a scooter legally in Thailand. Although many tourists claim that they rented and rode a scooter in Thailand without a license, this is illegal. Many have gotten into a lot of trouble driving without an IDP.

How much is motorcycle rental in Thailand?

Rental prices for motorbikes are pretty cheap all over Thailand. From 150 baht to 300 baht per day, or US$5 to $10 a day, is an average price to pay. The type of bike will also drive the prices up or down.

Are electric scooters legal in Thailand?

An electric scooter would have been great. However, I do have one concern with this model. There is no key to turn it on! … At the moment it is legal to ride a scooter in Thailand, but this might change if people abuse this privilege or too many people start using them.

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How much is it to rent a motorcycle in Phuket?

Some shops increase their prices during the high season (November to April) to about 250 baht per day. If you know you will need the bike for a long time, you can save a bit of money by renting by the week (1,200 to 2,000 baht) and even by the month (from 3,500 baht).

Can I drive a motorbike in Thailand?

Your car license in your home country isn’t legal in Thailand to ride a motorbike. Your International Drivers License for cars issued in your home country isn’t going to cut it either. Legally, the only document that will satisfy the Thai legal system, officially, is a Thai motorcycle license.

Can foreigners buy motorbike in Thailand?

Anyone can buy a Motorbike in Thailand – it just takes money! But to register a Motorcycle in your own name, Foreigners will need confirmation of their ID (passport) and of their local Address (Certificate of Residency). Generally this confirmation is obtained with a Non O Visa showing that you are living in Thailand.

How old can you ride a motorcycle in Thailand?

Driving licence in Thailand

Thai Driving Licence ใบอนุญาตขับรถ
Purpose To demonstrate that the holder is permitted to drive in Thailand.
Eligibility Car: 18 years old Motorcycle: 15 years old
Expiration Private: 5 years Public or large vehicles: 3 years
Cost ฿100 or ฿50 per year, plus ฿5 or ฿50 according to the licence type.

How much is a motor bike in Thailand?

Cost of a new Honda Click is 30,000 Baht and a used one costs 16,000 – 25,000 Baht. Before you pay, you should take a test drive and check for scratches, check cables and the kilometers made. However, you can never be sure if the scooter is fully functional until you drive it for a bit.

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How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Thailand?

The average scooter rental price in Thailand is 200 Baht per day. That is 6.30 USD, 5.60 EUR or 4.70 GBP. To rent a small 50cc scooter in Thailand, it will cost you about 150 Baht (4.70 USD, 4.20, GBP 3.60). 125cc scooter rental costs more – up to 250 Baht (7.80 USD, 6.90 EUR 5.95 GBP).

How much is a Honda Click in Thailand?

New in Thailand is the 2018 Honda Click 150i scooter which is priced at 60,200 Thai baht (RM7,476) and the Honda Click 125i which comes in spoked and cast wheel variants priced at 51,000 Thai baht (RM6,334) and 54,700 Thai baht (RM6,793).