How can I buy Internet in Thailand?

How much does internet cost in Thailand?

In 2019, About 50,9% of the population has access to the internet. According to a survey by Ookla in April 2021, Thailand also has the seventh fastest fixed internet speed at 206.81 Mbit/s behind Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Monaco, Romania and Denmark.

How much does internet cost per month in Thailand?

Internet usage is expanding rapidly in Thailand. The cost for setting up internet access is low in comparison to many other countries (from 5,000 Baht for the modem and up to 30,000 Baht per month). The quality of the provided internet service is usually sufficient in larger cities.

How can I get mobile internet in Thailand?

The following are the five simple steps you can take to get your Thai SIM card and mobile data plan ready.

  1. Step 1: Unlock your phone. …
  2. Step 2: Get a SIM card at the airport or service provider stores. …
  3. Step 3: Choose the carrier and mobile data plan. …
  4. Step 4: Top up. …
  5. Step 5: Activate.
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How can I get unlimited data in Thailand?

To add a Thailand – Unlimited Data Package to your SIM:

  1. Select from the drop down the Data Package you wish to add.
  2. For existing customer enter the last 6 digits of the Data SIM Card number (found on the back of SIM). For new customers leave blank.
  3. Click ‘Add to Cart’ button.
  4. Follow the checkout process.

Is internet cheap in Thailand?

According to Speedtest by Ookla – The GlobalBroadband Speed Test Thailand is ranked at 98th globally on mobile and 34th on fixed broadband. We are lagging behind so many countries and the speed is below par level while the price isn’t cheap.

Can you get WiFi in Thailand?

Thailand has fast and reliable WiFi coverage provided by three of the biggest mobile networks in Thailand – AIS, True Move and DTAC. WiFi in Thailand is available in most public spaces. … Public wifi in Thailand is for free.

How fast is internet in Thailand?

Thailand second fastest ASEAN country for fixed broadband

Impressively, speed has kept up with demand in Thailand where the mean download speed over fixed broadband during 2020 was 166.81 Mbps, ranking the country second-fastest among ASEAN member states.

What is the best network in Thailand?

AIS won our 4G Availability award with a remarkable score of 94.9%, followed by DTAC and TrueMove H with 92.3% and 91.6% respectively. Such high scores reflect the omnipresence of LTE in the county, which will aid a smoother transition to 5G as the operators roll-out the next generation networks in the coming months.

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Who owns 3BB Thailand?

Jasmine International’s 99%-owned subsidiary Triple T Broadband (3BB) is Thailand’s second-largest fixed internet provider by users, whilst the Jasmine group also includes submarine fibre and other telecoms infrastructure, equipment and ISP operations.

How much is unlimited data in Thailand?

Unlimited monthly starts at 599 THB. Calling plans start at 13 THB a day. 3. DTAC: daily internet ranges from 19-49 THB depending on amount used; weekly unlimited internet is 59 THB; monthly internet ranges from 299-799 THB; depending on amount used.

Can I buy Thai SIM card online?

There are few advantages of booking Thai SIM card online: You can get your Thai SIM card for about half price. You don’t need to exchange your money to Thai baht at the airport (exchange rates at the arrivals are really bad).

Can you buy SIM cards in Thailand?

Companies. There are three cell networks in Thailand, operated by dtac, AIS, and TrueMove. While you can also buy SIM cards and service from resellers, there’s little point in doing so for most tourists and other short-term visitors.

Which SIM card is best in Thailand?

Why is Tourist SIM 599 the best sim card package for Thailand tourists?

  • The most popular Thai SIM from the most popular company (TrueMove).
  • 599-baht one-time purchase.
  • 8 GB of high-speed Internet (2 GB more than DTAC/AIS)
  • 50 baht (50 minutes) of free calls.
  • Countrywide cellular/4G coverage.

Does Thailand have ESim?

Arrival ESim For Travelers

This will allow you to have a instant data connection when you land in Thailand, and you can avoid the queues, and hassle obtaining a simcard at a phone shop. You can get a ESim card by clicking HERE. It only takes about 1 minute to setup, and you will be ready for your arrival in Thailand.

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