Frequent question: What does Chim mean in Singapore?

chim / cheem – (From Hokkien/Teochew 深, lit. ‘deep’) Used to describe something or a situation that is extremely hard to understand or comprehend. “Wah you hear how he talk, so chim hor!”

What is Chim in Singapore?

Chim (cheem): Origins are unclear, but probably Hokkien; it means intellectual or profound, sometimes also used with a condescending tone.

What does Chey mean in Singapore?

Definition: a local tag that express disappointment.

What does Wah Lau mean?

Originated from Hokkien. “Wah lau” is translated to “Oh my Dad”, and the “eh” is added to enhance this. The expression is commonly used to profess surprise or that something is stupid, can be compared to “Oh my God!”.

What does Kanchiong mean?

Similar to its original meaning in Cantonese, “kancheong” carries the senses of urgency, nervousness, anxiousness, and tension in one word. Another Singlish term “kancheong spider” is often used to refer to people who are always in a hurry or easily flustered.

What is Hamsap?

Hamsap. It’s a Chinese word used to describe someone who is perverted.

Where is the name Chim from?

Chim is a last name commonly found in United States among its Chinese community. It is the transliteration of a Chinese surname meaning: excellent, verbose.

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How do you pronounce Chim?

MK has said it is pronounced “kim.”

Who achieved Chim?

This lead to a 300 year war for the Throne. This is the plot of Elder Scrolls Online. It was ended when the Ebonheart Pact chose General Talos as the New King, he showed off his Thu’um, conquered all the Known World, and achieved Chim. This made him into a God.

What does Knn mean in Singapore?

F your mother”. But the sg way of saying it, KNN (bastardised pronounciation – ka ni na) , is unique. Offense level: 5 (KNNCCB: 5+) 哭爸哭妈/kao peh kao bu (Hokkien/Teochew) – in original meaning, crying like your both parents died. Use it to describe someone who is whining.

What does Xiao Liao mean?

This is a Chinese dialect. Siao means ‘crazy’, liao is like the ending word of a sentence, or it can mean that it is completed or done already. For example, “I eat liao” means I ate already, I completed the action of eating.

What is GG Singapore?

GG. What it means: A popular gamer’s term, “GG”, also known as good game, has in recent years been added to the Singaporean’s list of slangs to represent the feeling that something is going to or has already ended in a disaster.

What is Wah Piang?

Also wah piang, wah piang eh. An exclamation expr. astonishment, consternation, despair, dismay, etc.