Does Thai Kitchen coconut milk use monkeys?

Monkey labor is used in the Thai coconut industry, whereas coconut farms in Brazil, Colombia, and Hawaii don’t use monkeys. Because coconut water is typically taken from coconuts grown on dwarf trees, its production doesn’t usually involve monkeys.

Which coconut milk brands use monkeys?

Chaokoh is the primary brand accused of making coconut products with monkey labor and giant retailers like Kroger, Albertsons, Publix, Walmart, Target and Amazon are all carrying the items despite the caught-on-video evidence released by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Which brands use monkeys to harvest coconuts?

Aroy-D allegedly gets its materials from farms that use monkey labor, CBS News reported in June. Other retailers like Cost Plus World Market, Walgreens, Giant Food, Food Lion, Stop & Shop and Hannaford also pulled coconut milk and other coconut products from shelves earlier this year, CBS News reported.

Do monkeys pick coconuts for coconut milk?

Consumers expect coconut milk to be cruelty-free since it doesn’t come from animals, but in reality “there is a lot of cruelty involved in terms of using monkey labor.” PETA has documented how pig-tailed macaques are trained, sometimes in “monkey schools,” to climb trees to pick coconuts.

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Which coconut milk brands are cruelty-free?

Some of our favorite coconut brands that are cruelty-free and vegan include: Daiya, Califia Farms, Harmless Harvest, So Delicious, Silk, Trader Joe’s, and Vita Coco.

Which coconut milk doesnt use monkey labor?

A PETA investigation has revealed that in Thailand, terrified young monkeys are kept chained, abusively trained, and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts used for the coconut brand Chaokoh. Monkey labor is used in the Thai coconut industry, whereas coconut farms in Brazil, Colombia, and Hawaii don’t use monkeys.

What coconut water brands use monkey labor?

But one popular brand, Chaokoh, is under scrutiny after allegations arose that they were hiring workers who implemented the use of slave labor monkeys in order to harvest coconuts.

What company uses monkey labor?

Target has joined several other retailers in dropping a Thailand-based company’s coconut products following allegations that its farms use monkey labor.

Which brands of coconut milk are ethical?

Canned Coconut Milk

  • Native Forest Organic Unsweetened Classic Coconut Milk. edwardandsons. …
  • Chef’s Choice Coconut Milk. chefschoicefoods. …
  • Nature’s Charm Coconut Whipping Cream. …
  • Native Forest Organic Unsweetened Premium Coconut Cream. …
  • Harmless Harvest. …
  • Kokomio. …
  • Let’s Do Organic Unsweetened Shredded Coconut. …
  • Follow Your Heart.

Does Vita Coco use monkeys?

Unfortunately the coconut trade is known for its cruel practices whereby monkeys are used to harvest the coconuts. … Vita Coco do not use monkeys in their coconut farming, making their brand both 100% vegan & cruelty free.

How many coconuts are picked by monkeys?

Male monkeys are able to pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day, Peta says. It’s thought that a human can pick about 80. It said it also discovered “monkey schools”, where the animals were trained to pick fruit, as well as ride bikes or play basketball for the entertainment of tourists.

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Which Canned coconut milk is best?

To find the very best canned coconut milk, the Epi team blind-tasted every full-fat brand we could get our hands on. When the results were revealed, it turned out that Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Milk was our winner. To find out why, and to read about another brand of coconut milk we highly recommend, keep scrolling.

Does Sri Lanka use monkeys to pick coconuts?

Coconut farmers in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and other countries in the region sometimes rely on monkeys, too. … Turns out a male monkey can collect an average of 1,600 coconuts per day and a female can get 600, while a human can only collect around 80 per day.

Do native forests use monkeys?

In Thailand and Sri Lanka on beautiful scenic lands, organic coconuts are grown and harvested for Native Forest® Organic Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream. … Unlike some coconut farms you may have read about, our farmers never use monkeys to pick coconuts. All work is done by human professionals, well paid for their labor.

Why is coconut milk not vegan?

Coconut milk is vegan. Unlike cows’ milk, for which mums and babies are torn apart so humans can consume mammary secretions, coconut milk doesn’t come from an animal. Coconut milk is made by grating the white flesh inside a mature coconut and soaking it in hot water. It doesn’t involve stealing anything from an animal.

Is Ayam coconut milk ethical?

About Our Brand

ACO is one of the most respected and rigorous standards in the world for organic production, and is published by organic industry not-for-profit representative group, Australian Organic.

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