Best answer: How is flooding affecting Jakarta?

As reported here, flooding struck in Greater Jakarta from 19 February, prompting 1,300 evacuations mostly in South and East Jakarta and also affecting parts of West Jakarta. … AHA Centre reports that 5 people have died, 2 are missing and 176,157 people have been affected by the flooding, with 31,396 people evacuated.

Why is flooding a problem in Jakarta?

Since the city’s early days, flooding has been a problem because Jakarta is situated along several low-lying rivers that swell during the monsoon season. … Since 1990, major floods have happened every few years in Jakarta, with tens of thousands of people often displaced.

What are the effects of flooding in Jakarta?

The flooding has displaced more than 30,000 people, cut off electricity and piped water, severed a number of roads, and shut down one of the city’s two airports. The National Disaster Mitigation Agency, known as the BNPB, says 19 people have died in the disaster as of Jan.

How many people are affected by the floods in Jakarta?

But the floods were nothing compared to the devastation caused by a massive flood in January last year, which killed 66 people and forced 170,000 people to seek shelter in Jakarta and its surrounding suburbs.

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Why is Jakarta sinking?

The land surface is sinking while the sea is rising

The research found the main cause of the problem is overuse of groundwater by home drilling as a result of massive developments. Residents of Jakarta use their own wells to get freshwater from underground.

What is wrong with Jakarta?

But Indonesia’s biggest city also has a unique problem: Because of restricted water access in the city, the majority of its residents have to extract groundwater to survive. And it’s causing the city to sink. Today, Jakarta is the world’s fastest-sinking city.

What caused Indonesia flood?

The causes of floods in Indonesia are mainly attributed to three factors: loss of tree cover, extreme weather and topography (Sulaeman, Pradana & Hamzah, 2019). However, illegal logging and mining as well as wild forest fires are some of the man-controlled causes of the loss of green spaces in Kalimantan forests.

Is Jakarta still sinking 2021?

While the capital’s land surface is sinking, the sea is rising. Research found the sea-level rise is about 3.6mm per year. The figure matches quite well with satellite observations from the Jason and ENVY satellites, which are used to measure precisely the rate of sea-level rise.

Why is Indonesia flooding?

Indonesia – Floods (BMKG, BNPB) (ECHO Daily Flash of 04 January 2022) Since 31 December 2021, widespread floods caused by heavy rainfall have been affecting the Regencies of East Aceh and Aceh Tamiang (Aceh Province, northern Sumatra), resulting in casualties and damage.

How long did the Jakarta floods last?

Monsoon rains and rising rivers submerged a dozen districts in the greater Jakarta area after extreme New Year’s Eve rains, causing landslides in hilly areas on the outskirts of the capital that buried scores of people. It’s the worst flooding in the area since 2007, when 80 people were killed over 10 days.

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How is climate change affecting Jakarta?

Sea level rise

In 2019, about half of the nation’s capital, Jakarta, was located beneath sea level, with some neighborhoods sinking “as fast as 9 inches a year.” Continued carbon emissions at the 2019 rate, in combination with unlicensed groundwater extraction, is predicted to immerse 95% of Northern Jakarta by 2050.

Why Jakarta is the fastest sinking city in the world?

The major reason for the sinking of Jakarta is claimed to be the excessive extraction of groundwater. Jakarta has low water levels for drinking, bathing and other everyday purposes. Piped water is also not available in most areas so the citizens have to resort to pumping water from aquifers that are deep underground.

Is Jakarta safe?


When the overall risk is in question, Jakarta can be considered not so safe city. Tourists need to exercise a high degree of caution in Jakarta, and this is all due to the high threat of terrorist attack. Your security is at danger at all times, so you need to pay special attention.