Can I move my dog to Malaysia?

To enter Malaysia, you will need to apply for an import permit issued by the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department (MAQIS). If you are flying in a pet dog to Malaysia, check that your dog is not on the list of restricted and banned breeds. … This permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

How much does it cost to fly a dog to Malaysia?

Pets in Checked Baggage

Animals are charged as excess baggage and the price varies depending on the weight of your animal and where you are traveling to. Animals are charged by the kg, and a minimum of 5 kg will be charged. The pet fee varies between $8-40 for each kg.

How can I import my pet to Malaysia?

Regulations for Importing Pets to Malaysia

  1. Microchip. Each pet shall be identified by means of a microchip. …
  2. Rabies Vaccination and Certificate. …
  3. Additional Vaccines. …
  4. Vet Health Certificate (Form 7001) …
  5. Import Permit. …
  6. USDA Endorsements. …
  7. Quarantine at Kuala Lumpur Animal Quarantine Station (KLAQS) …
  8. Additional Details.
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What dogs are allowed in Malaysia?

DBKL also specifically states that only small breeds are allowed in high-rise properties namely the Minature Pinscher, Bichon Frise, Pekingese, Papilon, Toy Poodle, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Pomeranian and Chihuahua – and this is why little furry companions are very popular among condo dwellers in Malaysia.

Do dogs have to quarantine in Malaysia?

If your pet is travelling to Malaysia from a non-scheduled country, they will have to be in quarantine for a minimum of seven days. They may be vaccinated with an approved anti-rabies vaccine upon arrival. If your pet shows no signs of disease and infection after seven days, they will be released from quarantine.

Which airline is the most pet friendly?

Most pet-friendly U.S. airlines

  • American Airlines: Best for West Coast travel.
  • United Airlines: Best for East Coast travel.
  • Delta Airlines: Best for small pets.
  • Southwest Airlines: Best for cheap pet fees.
  • JetBlue: Best for pet amenities.
  • Allegiant Air: Best for pet check-in process.

Is Kuala Lumpur dog-friendly?

Kuala Lumpur is a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant culture. There are many pet parents in Kuala Lumpur, and the city has much to offer your furry companions – dog-friendly restaurants and cafés, doggy parks, and much more.

Are pitbulls illegal in Malaysia?

Banned Breeds

The following breeds are not permitted to enter Malaysia: American Pit Bull, Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Neopolitan Mastiff, Japanese Tosa, Akita, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero.

Which country is the most dog friendly?

Most Dog-Friendly Countries Around The World

  • Switzerland. Dog lovers, rejoice! …
  • United States. It’s no surprise that with over 60 parks protected by the National Park Service, the United States is one of the best places to go with your dog. …
  • Germany. …
  • Canada. …
  • France. …
  • The Netherlands. …
  • Japan. …
  • Austria.
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How do I bring my pet to Sabah?

Sabah and Sarawak are two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo.

The certificate must be issued by an approved veterinary authority and state that:

  1. No case of rabies has been reported to have occurred in the country during the previous six months.
  2. The pet has been in the country for at least six months.

Do Malaysians like dogs?

While keeping cats is a norm in Malaysian society, caring for, touching and petting dogs is a controversial subject. Many Malaysian Muslims consider dogs to be impure. Keeping them as guard dogs or for hunting is tolerated, but treating them as pets is considered a step too far.

Do dogs need license in Malaysia?

Do Dogs Need A License In Malaysia? Yes, all dogs require a license to be legally owned in Malaysia.

Can I have a dog in an apartment Malaysia?

According to the Strata Management (Maintenance & Management) Regulations 2015, pets are legally allowed in high-rise buildings such as condominiums and apartments in Malaysia. This is given that the pets do not cause any annoyance, nuisance or pose any health risks to other residents.

How can I get pet passport in Malaysia?

A pet passport registration can be done at any department of veterinary services office or veterinarian facilities appointed by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar. A useful website for locating the nearest pet passport registrar is the official portal for the animal passport.

How can I take my dog from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur?

The following are what you will need:

  1. You will need an Import Permit from Kuala Lumpur. …
  2. Once you have the Import Permit, you need to apply for an Export Permit from Sabah. …
  3. Finally, you need a Health Certificate for your animal from the Department of Veterinary Services.
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Can I bring my dog to Singapore from Malaysia?

Pets should enter Singapore via the Singapore Changi Airport or the Tuas Checkpoint from Malaysia. Notification must be provided at least 5 days in advance when entering by land. Notice should be given at least 5 days in advance of arrival to the AVS so they will be available to inspect your pet upon landing.